Gabriela Azoulay
Customized Music Gifts for Every Occasion

For Anniversaries – Weddings – Birthdays – Corporate Events – Functions – or Other Gatherings

1. Your Personal Song: Sung with Love, Delivered on CD, USB, or via WhatsApp

CHF/EUR 444.-

I transform your words and the recipient's favorite melody into a unique song. After you provide me with the necessary details, I will record the song and tailor it individually. The finished piece of music will then be conveniently delivered to the honoree via CD, USB stick, or directly through WhatsApp!


2. Personal Song Sung LIVE: Pure Emotion at Your Celebration, with CD/USB Handover or WhatsApp Delivery

CHF/EUR 644.- (including expenses)

Experience the magic of a song written especially for you, performed live by me at your celebration – whether in an intimate setting at home or at a large party. Additionally, you will receive the song on CD, USB stick, or via WhatsApp. This includes travel within a 100 km radius for unforgettable moments!


3. YOUR SONG Plus: Customized Music and Live Singing for Your Event

CHF/EUR 744.- (including 1 hour of additional singing)

Enhance the experience from point 2 with exclusive musical arrangement. Enjoy up to an additional 2 hours of live singing with the honoree's favorite songs, which we will select together. For each additional hour, we only charge an extra CHF/EUR 100. Design your event with a personal touch and unforgettable musical moments!


For further questions, I am at your disposal. Write to me or let's have a phone call! I am very much looking forward to our initial conversation.

Warmest regards, Gabriela Azoulay